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Buy to Let Mortgages to Suit You

It is really important that landlords who are looking to purchase or remortgage buy to let properties seek advice from a qualified Mortgage & Protection Adviser. Not only can our team secure you great deals in the short-term but our extensive experience structuring property portfolios can also add a great deal of long-term value. To ensure your properties are fully protected, we can also advise you on which type of insurance you will need

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Buy to let mortgage deposits

If you want to buy a property to let out, you’ll need to save up a bigger deposit than you would if you were buying a property to live in.

You’ll usually need a buy to let mortgage deposit of at least 25% of the property value, and as with residential mortgages, the larger the deposit you can afford to put down, the more mortgage deals you will have available to you.

How can we help you

Buying your first home can be one of the most exciting times of your life's but also complicated and stressful at times. So at Alliance Mortgages we will make sure to make it easier for you.

Why you should contact us

You want to remortgage a property/ portfolio of properties


You are purchasing a buy to let property – including ex local authority properties and high-rise flats


You want to borrow more for refurbishments, to consolidate debt or for any other legal purpose


Your current buy to let mortgage deal is ending soon


You want to pay more off your buy to let mortgage each month but your current lender won’t let you

You want a fixed buy to let mortgage product so that your payments won’t go up or down

You want a better rate

You want to switch from an interest-only to a repayment buy to let mortgage

Your properties value has greatly increased since you purchased it

You intend to rent the property to a close family member

You have current or historic adverse

Free Expert Advice

We compare every lender in the marketplace, which means we can access lenders who only deal directly with qualified advisers.

Our qualified advisers , so you can be sure that you are receiving the best impartial advice.

We promise that you won’t be passed from pillar to post. One of our qualified advisers will deal with your application from start to finish.

Your initial consultation is completely free. We will only charge you a fee if you decide to proceed with your application.

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